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Even though valuepointdistribution has only been around the online retailing scene for quite a few years so far, this company based in Mills Valley, CA has already made a name for itself due to its excellent business structure. From being a mere provider of home appliances, the E-commerce company has also established itself as the go to place for appliance consultations for homeowners everywhere! Find out how they have achieved such remarkable feats with this article.

How the Brains behind the Company Set them Apart from the Tight Competition

Perhaps the most notable trait that set value point apart the competition is that they offer the best possible pricing on their offered home appliances. The CEO of the company has made this possible as he teamed up with their represented brands. These high-end manufacturers include QCA Spas, Dream Maker Hot Tubs, Fire Magic Grills, Cal Flame, Napoleon Fireplaces and Wood Burning Stoves.

How exactly does this partnership help, you may wonder? Well, this partnership actually helps as it enables value point to get the appliance fresh from the manufacturer’s factories before offering them to shoppers. This direct selling method rids the need to deal with unnecessary third parties who don’t do any help but rather make the trade costlier and more complicated.

Moreover, the guarantee that customers get is as good as the manufacturers with such wonderful partnership so you can rest assured that your order is fresh and exuding of high quality, just like you want it.
Caring for Customers Anytime of the Day, Any Day of the Week

Value point is more than just an online retailer as they also care for their customers 24/7, and are more than willing to help provide consumers with free professional consultation. They have a friendly sales staff that is highly trained to assist customers in finding the best possible product for their budget and needs through a professional consultative approach. This involves analyzing the shopper’s preferences and priorities and suggestions of products that may match their needs and desires perfectly. This is exactly like consulting a professional but without needing to pay them a visit and most especially, without having to pay them a fee.

They also have a 24/7 tech support operator assistance that takes care of every customer inquiries and concerns about the order. They have a highly trained team of tech support reps who are well versed in the technical aspects of the appliances that they offer, so you can rest assured that all your inquiries will be answered clearly and accurately, may it be about the usage of the product, maintenance, repair, cleaning, returns, parts replacement, etc.

Its no wonder that with these excellent traits, value point distribution reviews is already at the pinnacle of E-commerce trading and leading the online retail industry with their smart and effective business model. So in case you’re on the lookout for a nice portable tub/spa, barbecue grill, wood burning stove, fireplace, or just about any luxury home appliance, then you need not look elsewhere because you’re in good hands with value point distribution!