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Value point distribution has launched as a humble E-commerce company based in Mills Valley, CA, but now its name has skyrocketed into one of the most popular online retailers of today. In just a few years, the company has established itself as the go-to place for luxury home appliances such as hot tubs, swim spas, bbq grills, fireplaces, wood burning stoves, gazebos, outdoor kitchen accessories, and more. So what exactly is valuepointdistribution reviews recipe for success? Well, here are the following:

Making Luxury Home Appliances Affordable to Everyone

One of the main reasons behind value point’s success is that they effectively deliver the lowest possible pricing on their offered luxury home appliances. Despite the high-ticket brands in their lineup, they successfully pin the most affordable price tag on their offerings as they are actually partners with their carried brands, therefore they are able to get the products directly from the brand’s factories before selling to shoppers straight. This direct selling process gets rid of the unnecessary middleman that cut in between the transaction and make the appliances more expensive with their operation outlays, and as a result, a product’s that made more affordable without compromising its quality.

Unfailing Customer Service

Another excellent quality that the company is remarkable for is its customer care service. Unlike the usual online retailers, value point distribution has a team of professionals behind its customer service department, who are just a phonecall away from helping you with any and every concern that you may have regarding y our order. Their technical support staff are highly trained especially in the techy issues of the appliance, therefore you can rest assured that all the questions that you may have regarding the product usage, installation, cleaning, maintenance, repair, shipping, parts replacement, or service, shall be answered quickly and accurately.

They also have a friendly team of sales representatives who are more than willing to aid customers in finding the most excellent appliance that fits their priorities and budget the best. They use the consultative approach which basically consists of analyzing the customer’s needs, priorities, and budget and come up with recommendations that would fit the bill perfectly. This is just like consulting a pro, but for absolutely free of charge!

Fast, Safe, and Absolutely Free Delivery

The guaranteed fast, safe, and absolutely free delivery offered by value point distribution sets a good example among their contemporaries. For an E-commerce company that’s in the industry of providing luxurious and bulky home appliances, it is very impressive to boast of an 8-day delivery guarantee. The direct selling system is a major factor behind this, as it also ensures that the product is in good hands unlike having to go through the hands of several unwanted middlemen. They also offer bigger savings to customer as the shipping has zero % sales tax and absolutely free!